Who Says You Can't?

temp-post-image I believe you can, let's start there. Unfortunately, some online personalities, so claiming to be motivational speakers, real-entrepreneurs, real-small business owners, etc... don't start there. They start by seemingly marginalizing the follower (live stream subscribers and viewers) about their efforts, their ambitions, their dreams, their businesses. Let me ask you right here, does that sound inspiring or motivational so far? Does hearing this and getting the feeling that you can't do (business) because you are not you haven't done business $$$ from a business person that you are viewing. Is this what we need to hear to keep going or quit? Whatever it is that we're thinking about, dreaming about, attempting or actually doing, are we actually in it to win it or quit it?

We live in a big world, and guess what? Data shows that more than half of the world we live in is literally online. That's important to note because those being the facts, suggests that there is room online for all those who dream, and/or are at least trying to do something worthwhile for themselves, there families, or the world-at-large. Some of the best, brightest, largest, and most profitable businesses started out as an idea, a dream, or a hobby. (Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Amazon, Google, The Walt Disney Co., Mattel...) shall I go on?

Look, "to each his/her own". If a person wants to try to do something no one else has, or do something better than someone else is, then who's to say they can't? Who is that person? In fact, let's get biblical; "What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31

Of course, in context this is referring to a relationship with God and anything coming between us and that relationship. But there is application in the form of cautious to and for anyone attempting to water down your dream and/or efforts to do your thing, and inspiration/encouragement to those trying and/or in the mix attempting to turn that hobby into a business (profit or non-profit). Some hobbies involve golfing, yachting, droning, poker/gambling, drinking, smoking, shopping etc... None of which are free and some are downright unhealthy. So if you're trying to offer someone help in some area of life, services of some value, or just amuse yourself at costs, what's wrong with that? If you can spring a few dollars and cents, what's wrong with that? (Happiness can be hard to achieve in a superficial world who cares less about you and more about the bottomline. There is always a chance your efforts, or those of someone you know, at some point will help someone in some way. Heck those efforts may even provide an income/extra income for that person and their family. Wouldn't that be great? That's the good news! That's the positive message that people need to hear to keep striving and doing; then repeat to continuously improve. As it relates to the scripture noted, God gives the increase, not hu(man).

For anyone online claiming to be a motivational speaker, business leader, entrepreneur, etc..., consider doing your old and new audiences a favor. Be positive. Keep it real, but be positive. Yes, there are realities that must be adhered to, as far as money and business intelligence is applicable. But life is short, and tomorrow is not promised to anyone. People that are striving don't want to hear what they can't do. They want support in what they are doing and the possibilities thereof.

We can actually do anything, all things of God considered. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

So for those trying to get into business, thinking about getting into business, trying out an idea, enjoying a hobby that may or may not be a "business" at this point; or if you know someone in that situation, share this post with them. (Also have them read the stories of businesses that started out as a hobby.) Or you, the reader can just take heart yourself, that whatever it is, whatever you dreams are, whatever your efforts are; "yes you can!"

"Who says you can't?"




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