The LA Uber Driver


Ah! The joys of driving in L.A.! There's really nothing like it. As an Uber driver we experience all aspects of driving, in this case, L.A. and its surround area. While at the same time our customers experience a great ride from point A to B. That's always the basic goal.

Well, in the upcoming weeks I will chronicle LA Uber driving from a first-hand basis, as well as feature other Uber driver perspectives with the intent of helping non-Uber drivers to see why they should partner with Uber (e.g. the "why" and "WIIFM"), help new Uber drivers have the best experience and make the most money, and for the seasoned drivers, how to sustain, enhance, and/or increase their success.

Additional features:

  • Car Subscriptions vs. Car Rentals
  • The Marketplace
  • Uber Driver Requirements
  • Driver Essential (a.k.a. Uber Gear)
  • Lifestyle (Healthy Eating on the Road, Health Break Locations, etc...)
  • Money-Making Business Ideas and Opportunities
  • Give-Aways/Free Stuff
  • News You Can Use
  • Tutorials

The above list is not all inclusive, but it's meant to give you an idea of what to expect. Who doesn't want to be well-compensated, and well-informed? To have a great day on the road today and for years to come, you will need great resources. You'll get the content you need right here, plus it can be applied to most anywhere in the world Uber is. driver, that well-equipped for a great day on the road. The content I will share will be applicable for the most part, whether you Uber-drive in the LA metropolitan area, or anywhere else in the world! So stay tuned for the good stuff. In the meantime just know that you can make a good living partnering with Uber. Tell a family member or a friend! (#letsgogetit)




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