10 Ways To Cope With Change


There is one key eventuality in life; change. From the cradle to the grave change is one of life's constants. Change of course can be good or bad, and in either case change has it's own set of consequences. We may not have control of the changes, but we do have control of how we react to the change. So here are 10 ways to cope with change.

1. It Is, What It Is.

After an action takes place, in whatever capacity, change has occurred. The sooner this fact is accepted, the sooner the sooner the coping process can begin in full.

2. If You Could've, You Would've".

At least in theory; if one's hindsight was their foresight, many would have avoided the heartbreaks and pain that many times accompany that change in a person and/or a situation.


3. Resist/Reject The Go-With-The-Flow-Attitude.

There is in fact a time a place for everything. But this posture is essentially true when fighting for a competing change. Stress, anxiety, and fear are derivatives of this posture due in part to the unpredictability and/or lack of structure of a particular flow. Planning and organizing helps provide not only a sense of control but can actually provide tangible control of the flow of change as we transition into what comes next.


4. Rethink Your Thoughts

Preconceived thoughts and ideas can stifle change, and dilute one's efforts to cope with change. Transitioning forward on a matter of change can require new strategy, new direction, and new thinking, applicable to the task at-hand and/or period in time. (e.g. 24/7 news cycle, IoT, and social media all affect how we cope with change.)

5. Bend But Don't Break

Change can come in various packages and varying degrees. To the extent the change isn't a total paradigm shift, moving forward sometimes require no more than a little bending/flexibility in essential and non-essential aspects of the change.


6. Journal It

Journaling is not just a chronology of daily events, but more so of a composition that is a focused introspective about one's experience on any given day and/or period in time. Regular journaling can help produce clarity of thoughts and healthy decisions as one transitions forward towards post-change.

7. Share It

Trusted family, and trusted friends can sometimes help us make sense of the change at-hand; especially if the change falls within their wheelhouse. By virtue of the fact family and friends are familiar and trusted resources, their perspective can prove to be invaluable and help ensure one's views are grounded, if nothing else.


8. Slow Your Flow

Unnecessary anxiousness can help increase avoidable change-related anxiety and stress. Breathe. Relax. Reflect. Slow Your Flow. Take a fresh look at the change in a deliberate, and methodical manner. "How does one eat the elephant?" "One bite at a time." Resist the urge to cut to the chase and just land the the aircraft. Take in the scenery as the aircraft-of-change comes in for a landing at airport "You". Doing so may very well expand one's perspective of the change at hand.

9. Be S.M.A.R.T.

In life, in business, socially, and/or personally where change may be required or essential, being SMART, as in applying the S.M.A.R.T. Goals method, can prove to be very helpful in transitioning and coping with change. By definition, this action can help frame the change in Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound terms. This action can also help organize competing thoughts that may be swirling around in one's mind, opening the windows of reason and understanding regarding the changes. The result of these actions can provide peace of mind for many.


10. What Matters Most Matters Most

What matters most is what you value. Period. No matter what changes we are faced with. Change is an aspect of life we can not only expect but anticipate. Be it a new government or business administration, new territory, a new case, or just a new person, place, or thing in general. Change requires adjustments and acceptance of certain realities while transitioning forward toward new norms; that is, before the next inevitable change. Following the steps provided will at least help us cope with that inevitable.




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