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Ah! The joys of driving in L.A.! There's really nothing like it. As an Uber driver we experience all aspects of driving, in this case, L.A. and its surround area. While at the same time our customers experience a great ride from point A to B. That's always the basic goal.

Well, in the upcoming weeks I will chronicle LA Uber driving from a first-hand basis, as well as feature other Uber driver perspectives with the intent of helping non-Uber drivers to see why they should partner with Uber (e.g. the "why" and "WIIFM"), help new Uber drivers have the best experience and make the most money, and for the seasoned drivers, how to sustain, enhance, and/or increase their success.


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Maybe Meg will evolve?

OK, now that was more like it Gov. Scott. Thanking the POTUS, who has always been there, & the PEOTUS who will soon understand more.

Oh my, my....

Does your city show up in this list?

Gov. Scott said that he reached out Trump & Pence & they said they'd provide him w/ help? How does that work? They're not in-charge

Gov. Scott is making an evil statement, in the face of an evil act, saying,"this is not the time to get political". He knows what's up.




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